LCLint Version 2.3i

3 September 1997

Versione 2.3i is a minor minor upgrade to Version 2.3h. These are the release notes for Version 2.3h.

Bug Fixes

Bugs reported in Version 2.2a have been fixed.

New Features

Improved flow analysis

LCLint now interprets obvious non-terminating loops (for (;;) and while (TRUE) that have no breaks) correctly.

Bitwise Operators

If bitwise-signed is set, LCLint will report messages when a bitwise operator is used with a signed operand. Similarily, if shift-signed is set, LCLint will report messages when the left operand of a shift operator is signed.

Other New Flags

Send error messages to standard error (instead of standard out).

A variable declaration has no explicit type. The type is implicitly int.


A formal parameter is declared with an incomplete type (e.g., int[][]).


Make float and double types equivalent.


Many people have contributed to this release with suggestions for new features, porting help, bug reports, and bug fixes. As always, LCLint development is largely user-driven, and your comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

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