LCLint Version 1.4c

This is a release notice for an obsolete version of LCLint. It is included for archival purposes only.

			   LCLint Version 1.4c

LCLint Version 1.4c is now available from MIT by anonymous ftp.  This is
a minor release consisting of fixes to problems reported in version 1.4a
and a few improvements.  (Version 1.4b was not publically released.)

Please install the latest version of lclint on your system so you will
not run into bugs that have already been fixed.  Updated binaries are
available now for the alpha, decmips, and sun4 platforms in
Source code for building other platforms is in

Development is largely driven by user feedback, so please continue to
send me suggestions, ideas, complaints and bug reports.  Thanks to
everyone who sent comments and bug reports.  We are also interested in
any more general feedback or experience you have to report.

Bug reports should be sent to [email protected].  If you have
messages of general interest, send them to
[email protected].  If you are interested in
participating in discussions on lclint use and development, send
human-readable mail to [email protected] saying that you
would like to join the lclint-interest list.  If you want to be removed
from this list, send mail to [email protected].

Changes from Version 1.4a:


o sequence point checking --- detects errors involving undefined
  behavior because of order of execution (because of modifies and global
  specifications, this can be done for function calls.)  This catches
  the infamous "a[i++] = i"-type bugs, but also more subtle errors
  involving modification of parameters or globals if specifications
  (or specified library functions) are used.

o checking enumerated cases (controlled by +misscase) --- for a switch
  on an enumerated type, report cases which are not handled.
        [suggested by Albert L. Ting]

o messages include location of specification (where relevant)

o -mutrep to suppress complaints about representations of mutable types
  not having sharing semantics.  (This is more useful as a control
  comment, if you are implementing a mutable abstract type with an
  int handle.)

o efficiency improvements (should run at least 25% faster for large systems)

Bug Fixes:

(apologies for not describing some of these in functionality-level

o conditional errors (not popping the stack when the pred is an error)
     [ reported by Albert L. Ting ]

o problem relating to use of noVarInfo (Undeclared global variable messages)
     [ reported by Mathieu Antoine ] 

o problem with temporary file names not being unique 
     [ reported (and fix suggested) by Huver Hu ]

o makefile environment variable problems
     [ reported by Lawrence Chim and Huver Hu ]

o semantics of imports unclear or incorrect
     [ reported by Huver Hu ]

o spurious rep exposure and return alias messages concerning immutable types
     [ reported by Yang Meng Tan ]

o symtable bug (causes segmentation faults on some systems)
     [ reported and traced by Rick Farnbach ]

o use-before-definition checking on arrays
     [ suggested by previous bug not being detected by LCLint ]

o incorrect modification errors involving structures (copy assignments)

o macro parsing broken with '/'

o fixed stdlib to make error codes constant int's instead of enum's

As far as I know, there are no other known bugs.  If you know of a bug
not listed (and fixed) here, please report it.  

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University of Virginia, Computer Science
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