LCLint Version 1.4a

This is a release notice for an obsolete version of LCLint. It is included for archival purposes only.

			   LCLint Version 1.4a

LCLint Version 1.4a is now available from MIT by anonymous ftp.  This is
a minor release consisting of fixes to problems reported in version 1.4
and a few improvements.

Please install the latest version of lclint on your system, so you will
not run into bugs that have already been fixed.  Updated binaries are
available now for the alpha, decmips, and sunos platforms in  

Since lclint has now been sucessfully built on many platforms, we can no
longer attempt to keep up to date binaries for all platforms.  Instead,
the source code is provided with a more streamlined build and install
procedure (described at the end of the message).  The binaries for
version 1.4 will be kept in

Development is largely driven by user feedback, so please continue to
send me suggestions, ideas, complaints and bug reports.  Thanks to
everyone who sent comments and bug reports on the 1.4 release.  We are
also interested in any more general feedback or experience you have to

Bug reports should be sent to [email protected].  If you have
messages of general interest, send them to
[email protected].  If you are interested in
participating in discussions on lclint use and development, send
human-readable mail to [email protected] saying that you
would like to join the lclint-interest list.  If you want to be removed
from this list, send mail to [email protected].

Changes from Version 1.4:


o Improved reachability checking and detecting of paths with no return
  statments.  Added flag -noreturn to suppress path with no return

o -usedef to suppress use before definition checking.

o Added flags to set name for bool type.  
	[suggested by Richard Brooksby and John Rogers]


	-boolname    (to replace "bool" with )
	-boolfalse   (to replace "FALSE" with )
	-booltrue    (to replace "TRUE" with )

  Note that these can be used in a .lclintrc file.

o Standardized installation procedure.  [suggested by Maarten Ballintijn ]

o Installation package now includes standard library specification.

Bug Fixes:

o declaration parsing problems
     file starting with type name [reported by Dov Bai]
     functions returning functions [reported by Peter Chang]
     parenthesized declarators [reported by Richard Brooksby]
     declaration syntax (use of type qualifiers)
	[reported by Maarten Ballintijn]
     pointers to functions in specifications 

o [fs]scanf problems
     typechecking for scanf functions with * 
	[reported by John Gerard Malecki and Albert L. Ting]
     use before definition errors on scanf arguments 
	[reported by John Gerard Malecki]

o standard library
	added vprintf functions 
		[reported by Maarten Ballintijn and Frank Botte]
	changed specification of va_start to not constrain type of
	   second argument

o loading .lldmp files for iterators 

o use of -D in .lclintrc files [reported by Frank Botte]

o proper handling of -D="string" 
	[reported by Albert L. Ting]

o proper handling of ... arguments in output for .lh files 
	[reported by Maarten Ballintijn]
o overloading library functions specified with elipsis without using
     elipsis [reported by Ian Moor]

o fixed handling of standard libraries in non-standard directories
	[reported by Albert L. Ting]

o generation of forward struct declarations in .lh files 
	[reported by Albert L. Ting]

o problem handling __const (used in system include files on some
     systems) [reported by Frank Botte]

o type checking for forward declared structures 
	[reported by Albert L. Ting]

As far as I know, there are no other known bugs (except one possibly
system-dependant linux bug).  If you know of a bug not listed (and
fixed) here, please report it.


LCLint no longer requires lsl, unless lsl specifications are used.  So,
building lclint involves:
	1. building the garbage collector (unless you already have one)
	2. building lclint

The only system requirements are gmake (GNU make) and a C compiler (gcc
is recommended, but cc is fine.)  If gmake is unavailable, standard make
may be used, but more manual editing of the makefile is required.

To build lclint, get the installation package  Uncompress
and 'tar xf' this file.  This will create an lclint subdirectory; look
at lclint/Makefile for more details.

If you build a binary which is not already available, please let me
know.  If possible, I would like to add binaries to the ftp site as they
become available.

To my knowledge, lclint (version 1.4) has been compiled on these
platforms: DEC Alpha AXP running OSF/1, DECstation running Ultrix, Sun
workstation (Sparc) running Solaris 2, Sun workstation (Sparc) running
SunOS4.1/Solaris), PC running linux, SGIs runing IRIX, IBM RS/6000
running RS/AIX, Unixware, HP/UX.

LCLint Home Page David Evans
University of Virginia, Computer Science
[email protected]