LCLint Version 2.1a

23 April 1996

Version 2.1a is a minor upgrade to the last publically released version of LCLint, Version 2.0.

Bug Fixes

All known bugs in Version 2.0 have been fixed.

New Features

New features in LCLint Version 2.1a are document in a supplement to the LCLint User's Guide. This is availble in html, Word .doc or PostScript format.

Special Clauses

Special clauses provide a way to express lower-level interface details. For example, we can declare a function that returns a structure with one field defined, one field allocated and the other fields undefined; or a function that deallocates the storage associated with a field of a parameter.

File Inclusion

The rules for including header files have been changed to allow LCLint to be used on platforms with non-standard C features in their system header files. The skipansiheaders flag controls whether or not header files corresponding to standard library files are skipped. The +gnuextensions flag causes LCLint to recognize some of the GNU (gcc) compiler extensions.

Abritrary Integral Types

The standard library types size_t, ptr_diff and wchar_t are now declared as arbitrary integral types. They are known to be integral, but no assumptions about their size or sign representation should be made. The matchanyintegral, longintegral and longunsignedintegral flags control type checking for the arbitrary integral type.


I am hoping to get some reports of LCLint use in the "real world" to include in my talk at PLDI '96. If you are using or have used LCLint in a developement or maintenence project, please send me email.


Many people have contributed to this release with suggestions for new features, bug reports, and bug fixes. As always, LCLint development is largely user-driven, and your comments and suggestions are much appreciated. I particularly want to thank Eric Bloodworth for suggestions leading to special clauses, Marc Espie, Debra Aubrey, and Frohjwalt Egerer for help with the file inclusion problems, and Jutta Degener for tracking down the fseek bug.

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