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LCLint Release 2.4b

18 April 1998

Release 2.4b fixes some simple bugs reported in Release 2.4a was release.

Release 2.4 is a minor upgrads to the last public release, Version 2.3i.

Bug Fixes

All known bugs in Version 2.3i have been fixed. If you discover a bug, please send a bug report to [email protected]. Try to include enough information so that the bug may be reproduced.

Integrated Pre-processor

LCLint now incorporates a C pre-processor, based on the GNU pre-processor. This eliminates the need to invoke a C pre-processor in a command shell, the need to pre-pre-process the input to support macro checking, and prevents previous problems with conditional code.

Win32 Version

LCLint 2.4 is available for Win32 (Windows 95 and Windows NT).

Parser Extensions

LCLint has been extended to support non-ANSI grammar extensions commonly used in system files. These include unnamed structures and special syntax (such as __asm__). The +gnuextensions flag turns support for language extensions on; this is now set by default.

Boolean Type

The bool type is no longer built in to avoid conflicts with code that uses bool. To get the original behavior, use -booltype bool in your .lclintrc file.


Many people have contributed to this release by suggesting changes, reporting bugs, and contributing code. The Win32 version benefited especially from the Win32 port of LCLint 2.3i by Mike Smith, the OS/2 port by Herbert Dietze, and Jacob Navia's work with lcc.
David Evans
University of Virginia, Computer Science
[email protected]