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Source Code Installation

Splint should compile (relatively) effortlessly on typical Unix systems, and with a bit of effort on non-Unix platforms. If you produce a port for a non-Unix platform, please let us know by submitting an issue to the github repository.

To build Splint you need:

If you need to rebuild any of the makefiles, you will also need:


  1. Clone the repository at https://github.com/splintchecker/splint and enter the cloned directory.
  2. configure
    This will create a Makefile with settings for your system. Use configure --prefix=directory if you want to install Splint in prefix directory directory.

  3. make
    GNU's make utility is required; it may be named gmake or gnumake on your system. It is best to do this in an emacs shell or a buffered terminal, so you can scroll through the output.

    This builds Splint.

    If the build was successful, it then runs the test suite. You should see:

    Testing splint 3.1.2...
    Version Info:
    Splint 3.1.2 --- 12 July 2007
    Maintainer: [email protected]
    ... (about 100 lines of test output elided)
    Checking manual...
    Checking tests2.2...
    Checking tests2.4...
    Checking tests2.5...
    Checking db1...
    Checking db2...
    Checking db3...
    Examine the test output. If there are errors, send a bug report to [email protected].
    Note: If possible do not built splint in a directory under /usr/. If the test suite is run in a directory under /usr/ for example /usr/src/, it will report errors even if Splint was built correctly.

The remaining steps are only necessary if you want to install the Splint binary and libraries in a different directory (set when you ran configure).

  1. make install
  2. Set environment variables:
    LARCH_PATH - path to search for splint libraries and initializations files. If you are using the standard directories, this should be .:base-directory/lib.

    LCLIMPORTDIR - directory containing lcl imports files. If you are using the standard directories, this is base-directory/imports.

    Put the commands to set these variables (the actual commands will depend on the shell you are using) in one of your initialization dotfiles (usually ~/.environment).

    Set up your PATH to include the directory containing base-directory/bin/splint, or move the binary to a directory on your command path.

Splint - Secure Programming Lint [email protected]
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