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From:	Jens Schweikhardt []
Sent:	Friday, May 09, 1997 3:55 AM
To:	Peter Seebach
Subject:	Re: lclint and microsoft visual c extensions

hello world/n
[Peter Seebach on certain extensions of language syntax:]
# Even if it is not legal now, I have been told that it may well be.
# Is anyone on the lclint team involved with C9X?

I'd like to rephrase that question to `Is anyone on the lclint team?'
i.e. actively developping beyond the 2.2a version? David, you told me
you're (going to be) involved in another project somewhere else.  Could
you give us a status report and a few words on the future of LCLint?

# If not, would anyone
# be interested in a notification when we decide to make the draft available?

Sure. Spread the word. Will the draft be available electronically?

# -s

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