Splint research is funded by:

NASA Langley
Formal Techniques for Aviation Software
(Joint with John Knight)

National Science Foundation
Programming the Swarm
NSF CAREER Award, 2001

Automatically Annotating Code to Detect Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
Student Research Grant for David Larochelle
September 2001 – August 2002

National Science Foundation
CCLI Curriculum Development Award
Teaching Software Engineering Using Analysis Tools

In addition, we benefit indirectly from department grants of software and funding from Microsoft Corporation.

Past Sponsors

Previous LCLint research was supported by grants from ARPA (N0014-92-J-1795), NSF (9115797-CCR) and DEC ERP. As a graduate student, David Evans was supported by an Intel Foundation Fellowship.

Early versions of LCLint were developed on DEC Alpha and DECmips machines provided by Digital Equipment Corporation and Pentium II machines donated by Intel.