Solaris Installation

Instructions for installing Splint using the Solaris binary installation:

  1. Download

  2. tar -xzf splint-3.1.1.SunOS.tgz
    This will create a splint-3.1.1 directory, containing several subdirectories. The file splint-3.1.1/bin/splint is the Splint binary.

To install Splint binaries and libraries in a different directory (optional):
  1. ./configure --prefix=directory
  2. make install
    GNU's make utility is required; it may be named gmake or gnumake on your system.
  3. Set environment variables:
    LARCH_PATH - path to search for splint libraries and initializations files. If you are using the standard directories, this should be ".:base-directory/splint-3.1.1/lib".

    LCLIMPORTDIR - directory containing lcl imports files. If you are using the standard directories, this is base-directory/splint-3.1.1/imports.

    If you followed step 4 above set LARCH_PATH to directory/share/splint/lib and LCLIMPORTDIR to directory/share/splint/import instead.

    Put the commands to set these variables (the actual commands will depend on the shell you are using) in one of your initialization dotfiles (usually ~/.environment).

    Set up your command path to include the directory containing splint-3.1.1/bin/splint, or move the binary to a directory in your command path.