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Magazine Articles

Linux Journal, The Code Analyser LCLint. By David Santo Orcero, May 2000.
    “Debugging code is never fun, but this tool makes it a bit easier.”

Linux Gazette, Static checking of C programs with LCLint. By Pramode C E and Gopakumar C E. Issue 51, March 2000.
    “LCLint is justifiably angry at such amateurish use of C, but he is gentle in his admonishments.”

Ix (German Linux Magazine), includes LCLint in an article, Lint als C-Syntax-Prufer in the July 96 issue.


David Hanson's book C Interfaces and Implementations advocates a design methodology based on interfaces and implementations very similar to that supported by LCLint.
However, if more C programmers read, understood, and imitated this book, the world would be a better and safer place. --- From Richard O'Keefe's review
C Unleashed, by Richard Heathfield, Lawrence Kirby, Mike Lee, Mathew Watson, Ben Pfaff, Dann Corbit, Peter Seebach, Brett Fishburne, Scott Fluhrer, Ian Woods, Sam Hobbs, Ian Kelly
Includes a short section describing running LCLint with +strict and +checks on a 3-line program.
Cryptography in C and C++, by Michael Welschenbach, David Kramer