lclint-interest message 96

From Tue Aug 13 12:24:35 1996
To: Richard A OKeefe 
Subject: Re: Formal array size check request > It is a bad idea to put formal parameter names in prototypes. > To an audience concerned with writing correct code, I don't need > to explain why. 
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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 09:12:55 -0700
From: Pete Buechler 

Richard -

I'm sorry, your reply got lost in my blizzard of e-mail. Now that I am going back and
straightening it out, I finally saw it.

Thank you for bothering to answer my questions. I was obvously not thinking this issue
through. Fortunately, after reading your replay, I am now better educated. From now on,
you will see no parameter names in my function prototypes.


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