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From Fri Mar 22 16:06:38 1996
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 14:19:12 -0500
From: Eric Bloodworth 
Organization: Recognition Research, Inc
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To: David Evans 
Subject: Re: problems with lclint, gcc, unixware (solaris too)
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David Evans wrote:
> > 1. lclint seems to look in /usr/include for its headers files.
> > Since gcc supplies its own system header files elsewhere, this
> > leads to parsing errors and other troubles.  I frankly don't
> > understand why lclint doesn't use gcc to do its preprocessing, but
> > I dutifully set BASEPATH and DEFAULT_SYSTEMDIR in constants.h and
> > SYSTEM_LIBDIR in Makefile to the location of gcc's header files.
> > This seems to cure the problem, but it will require the update of a symlink
> > for every new release of gcc we install (small maintenance headache).

[deleted - stuff I alreay knew :)]

> > 2. lclint barfs (unrecoverable parse error) on gcc's __asm__ statement.
> > Unfortunately, this is used in an inline function in one of
> > gcc's header files (sys/byteorder.h).  I'm loath to
> > change gcc's header files because of the maintenance headache,
> > so we managed to keep that file from being included for now.
> > Is there a way to get lclint to understand __asm__?  If not,
> > I hereby request this feature for the next release. :-)
> I'm reluctant to start adding complier-specific syntax to lclint, and
> there doesn't appear to be any real consensus as to the syntax for
> including assembly in C programs.  The hope is that most compiler's that
> add language extensions will do so in a way that they can be hidden by a
> macro definition, and you could do something like,
>         # ifdef __LCLINT__
>         # define asm(x) ()
>         # endif
> to at least hide the syntax problems.  Unfortunately, this doesn't work
> for gcc's __asm__.

[deleted - point taken]

> --- Dave

Problem 1:

OK, let me be more specific.  I'm now trying this on a solaris machine with the same 
(similiar) results:

1.  the makefile _is_ setting gcc -E.  configure set it this way. 
2.  using the -I setting just changes the location of the parse error from the system 
includes to gcc's includes.  It's in . 
3.  I ran truss on lclint's processing of a file with a single line: #include 
   What appears to happen is lclint pre-preprocesses (!) the source file using the headers
in /usr/include, stores a temporary file, it then runs gcc -E on the temporary file, which 
of course, uses gcc's header files. 
4.  When I set BASEPATH and DEFAULT_SYSTEMDIR in constants.h and SYSTEM_LIBDIR in the Makefile
to gnu's directories, the problem goes away. 

My conclusion is that lclint assumes that system header files are in /usr/include for this 
pre-preprocess step.  This isn't a good assumption, IMHO.   Why does it need to 
side-step gcc -E?  

Problem 2:

- defining __asm__ as nothing seems to work, or we can patch gcc's header file for i86 
machines, I guess. 

-- Eric

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