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From Fri Mar 22 12:52:36 1996
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 13:07:21 -0500
From: Eric Bloodworth 
Organization: Recognition Research, Inc
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> Welcome to the lclint-interest mailing list.
> Please post a brief message introducing yourself and describing your
> professional interests.  Feel free to also include any ideas you have
> for lclint development or comments on your experiences using lclint.


I'm looking at lclint as a tool to help improve the quality of 
(almost) a million line code base.  Long term goal is to run 
lclint on about 9 different unix platforms w/gcc as well as NT w/vc. 

I'm also interested in anyone's comments on the viability of this goal. 


I haven't actually _used_ lclint yet, but I have a comments on 
the installation.  To run the tests under Unixware 1.12, I 
had to split up "UNITTESTS" into six lists to keep from hitting
the command line limit.  Otherwise no unusual problems were 

-- Eric

Eric Bloodworth
Recognition Research, Inc
1872 Pratt Dr
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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