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From Thu Mar 21 12:01:23 1996
From: (Mike Ellis)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 96 08:06:32 GMT
Subject: Enumerated boolean types and printf("%lX", foo)


I normally use the following boolean type:

typedef enum { false = (0==1), true } bool;

However,  LCLint reports this as an error every time I use a bool 
variable or the enumerated names true and false.  It also claims
that I can use the +boolint flag to eliminate these errors,  but
this doesn't appear to be the case.  Does anyone else have a suggestion?

On a slightly different note,  the following code:

unsigned long foo = 0;

(void)printf("%08lX", foo);

generates the warning "Format argument 1 to printf (%X) expects long int 
gets unsignedlong int".  According to my copy of the ISO standard,
raw %X expects an unsigned int,  while %lX expects an unsigned long int.
Any suggestions?



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