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On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, David Evans wrote:

> Thanks for the explanation.  I'll make sure the next release of lclint
> handles this correctly.

If you are going to rework the stuff I would like you to include messages like
those in the examples below. Of course, like all the others, these messages
should be selectively turned on/off.  I feel that using the implicit casts is a 
traditional (sloppy, confusing, ...) programming style, which I want to avoid in
my programs.  Warnings should be given for the following lines (I refer to the
example of my last E-mail):

 sayptr = say;            // Implicit conversion of `function' to `function ptr'

 sayptr ("sayptr\n");     // Implicit conversion of `function ptr' to `function'
                          // due to function invocation

 (*say) ("(*say)\n");     // Implicit conversion of `function' to `function ptr'
                          // due to unary operator

Especially the last example is confusing for the average non-guru.


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