lclint-interest message 20

Date: 11 Nov 94 18:11:04 EST
From: "JR (John Rogers)" <>
To: LCLint interest list 
Subject: LSL grammer (BNF?) questions

Hi!  I have some questions about the way the LSL grammer is defined in
the lclint/doc/lcl-synt.* files that came with LCLint 1.4.  For

imports ::= { import | use }* {export | private}*

private ::= spec { constDeclaration | varDeclaration | type | fcn }

I'm used to a different dialect of BNF (Wirth's EBNF), where braces
meaning zero-or-more and the asterisk doesn't mean anything.  In the
LSL grammer, what do braces without a trailing asterisk mean?  What
about braces with a trailing asterisk?

Thanks in advance...
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