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From Mon Jan 19 18:22:45 1998
From: Matthew Fitzgerald -WPO 
To: "''" 
Subject: A new member!
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 09:41:11 +1100
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Hi there, here is my brief 'post' describing myself as requested!

My name is Matt Fitzgerald, I work for Digital Equipment Corp (Perth, 
Western Australia) as a Systems Programmer and am of 22 years of age!

I can't see 'lclint' being of much use here at work, seeing as I hardly
do any
programming these days (documentation seems to be a higher priority for
us mob!), however, on my home project (which is fairly 'large', and
doesn't seem to be going very far as social life is quite active, not to
my six weeks in Europe snowboarding, due to commence in 2 weeks!),
however, reading about 'lclint' ... it could be just the thing to help
build the
framework and foundation for my much need 3D modeller (yes, I like
re-inventing the wheel!).

Umm... is that enough?


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