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From Thu Nov  6 11:42:45 1997
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Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 08:56:20 +0100
From: Paolo Argenton 
Subject: Subscription request

Hello, my name is Paolo Argenton, and I am experimenting with LCLint
in order to achieve a safer programming in C, but I would be interested 
in static checking also for other languages as well.

Here are some "free-running" ideas about LCLint development:

1) bounds checking: it would be nice to have it, at least for statically
declared arrays.

2) Compiler specific extensions: I gave a look at the scanner; I was
thinking about a quick hack like considering extension keywords like
"__declspec( attribute )" as blanks.

3) Cyclomatic measure. I don't know if this could be easy to add, but it
could be nice
to have a warning for cyclomatic number too high.

Best regards,


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