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From Tue Sep 23 13:13:59 1997
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 97 13:04:50 -0400
From: (David Evans)
Subject: [ Re: Subscription request]

> Welcome to the lclint-interest mailing list.
> Please post a brief message (to
> introducing yourself and describing your professional interests.  Feel
> free to also include any ideas you have for lclint development or
> comments on your experiences using lclint.

I am a software engineer specializing in (PDL's) Page Description
Languages.  I currently work for Artifex which is a licensing partner
of Aladdin.  Aladdin produces ghostscript amongst other things, also,
I work on free software.  I joined the mailing list to find out
more about using lclint for analysis of some recent work that I have

I do have two specific questions.  I am somewhat hesitant to use your
free tool as a tool to develop a commercial product without asking its
developers about how they feel about it.  My second question is
technical: Is there some way to make lclint output that can be parsed
by emacs compilation mode?  The emacs command next-error allows
visiting the file and line number of each file as reported from the
compiler.  Actually I have only used it with gcc but I know that it
works with other tools as well.  Another approach is to extend emacs
to support the lclint output format.  Any information on this would be
appreciated.  Sorry if these are commonly answered questions.

./Henry -- henrys at meerkat.dimensional of com   -\<,  
						  O/ O  

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