lclint-interest message 16

Date: 09 Nov 94 13:11:58 EST
From: "JR (John Rogers)" <>
To: LCLint interest list 
Subject: Ifdef C code for LCLint checking?

Hi!  I was wondering if there is some standard way to #ifdef out code that
is going to be checked by LCLint.  For instance, the UNIX lint command
predefines 'lint'.  Newer versions of PC-lint predefine '_lint' instead.
So, a common idiom is something like this:

   #if ! (defined(lint) || defined(_lint))
   static char * Copyright = "stuff";

This avoids complaints about Copyright being defined but never used.
Is there an equivalent predefined name for LCLint?  (Yes, I know I
can use '-Dfoo' on the LCLint command line to predefine 'foo'.)  I'm
hoping there is a standard name, perhaps '_lclint', that everyone
can use.

Thanks in advance...
--JR (John Rogers)

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