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From: Harald Kirsch 
Subject: Re: How to annotate
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On Mon, Sep 22, 1997 at 03:36:00PM -0400, David Evans wrote:
> Richard Brooksby's point that the code should be rewritten not annotated
> is a good one.  (Of course, I understand that this is just an example to
> make things as simple as possible.)  In general, I would claim that many
> of the times lclint reports spurious errors because it cannot determine
> that the code is correct are the same types of code that it is hard for
> a human to determine it is correct (and know what that correctness
> depends on so it will break when maintainence changes are made).

I must admit that I was first a bit offended by Richard Brooksby's
remark, but then remembered that I had made similar remarks to collegues
myself in other contexts where I told them to try to believe the
computer. I then reconsidered the code and found that rewriting made it
in fact less complex and, as you say, easier to understand and maintain.


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