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From Tue Sep  9 10:50:06 1997
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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 16:18:39 +0200
From: (Harald Kirsch)
Subject: lclint 2.3h

Hi there,

I just downloaded 2.3h and tried it on my favorite `dynamic length
array' package. I could not get lclint2.2a to swallow it, because it
stopped with syntax errors. Now, with 2.3h it seems to work. Good job!

The next thing I'll do is to fix the ``errors'' lclint finds in the
package ;-)

	Harald Kirsch

P.S.: If you are interested in a library for dynamic length arrays
*WITH* a bit of type- and range-checking, have a look at

and let me know what you think. The package is a collection of macros
and library functions implementing 1-dim C-arrays which grow as
needed. The following functions are implemented:
cat, copy, get (i.e. get/set a single element), insert, length, pop,
push, remove, sortedPos.
Harald Kirsch,, +49 721 6091 369 | Now I rebooted.
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