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> Please post a brief message introducing yourself and describing your
> professional interests.  Feel free to also include any ideas you have
> for lclint development or comments on your experiences using lclint.

 Hi all

 I'm a PhD student at the National Microelectronics Research Centre
 in Cork, Ireland. The main work areas here include Silicon Technology
 and Characterisation, Micromachining, Device Modeling and Characterisation,
 Materials Science, IC Design, Laser Diodes and Interconnection/Packaging.

 My interest in LCLint is strictly hobbyist ;)

 I am involved in the Amiga Developers Environment (ADE) project. The
 goal of this project is to have a completely self hosting developing
 environment. Currently, ADE is mainly based on GNU tools (gcc, gdb,
 xxx-utils etc.), but other tools are being added (rpm, guavac, lcc,
 to name a few).

 Updating and maintaining ADE often involves rewrites/bugfixes of poorly
 written software. As an aid, I am using LCLint under AmigaOS. My main
 incentive to subscribe here is to understand LCLint's error msgs in
 cases where the manual leaves me in the dark. Such as
 "Datatype clock_t declared with inconsistent type: unsigned long int",
 when ANSI/ISO specifies any "arbitrary integral type". Is it a real
 error or a porting error?



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