LCLint Output

LCLint 2.2 --- 25 Aug 96

annotglobs.c: (in function initialize)
annotglobs.c:14,17: Undef global globnum used before
  An rvalue is used that may not be initialized to a
  value on some execution path. (-usedef will suppress
annotglobs.c:16,2: Global storage globname contains 1
    undefined field when call returns: firstname
  Storage derivable from a parameter, return value or
  global is not defined. Use /*@out@*/ to denote
  passed or returned storage which need not be
  defined. (-compdef will suppress message)
annotglobs.c: (in function finalize)
annotglobs.c:22,2: Only storage globname.firstname
    (type char *) derived from killed global is not
    released (memory leak)
  A storage leak due to incomplete deallocation of a
  structure or deep pointer is suspected. Unshared
  storage that is reachable from a reference that is
  being deallocated has not yet been deallocated.
  LCLint assumes when an object is passed as an out
  only void pointer that the outer object will be
  deallocated, but the inner objects will not.
  (-compdestroy will suppress message)

Finished LCLint checking --- 3 code errors found